Leviticus 18

Leviticus 18:1-30


OVERVIEWThe world provides numerous options in how to live, particularly regarding sexuality. God’s way produces health and wholeness.

BIG IDEAGod is trustworthy.

KEY VERSE: Leviticus 18:3–4 (God to Israelites)
So do not act like the people in Egypt, where you used to live, or like the people of Canaan, where I am taking you. You must not imitate their way of life. You must obey all my regulations and be careful to obey my decrees, for I am the Lord your God.

One of the most important truths I want you to know is that I want a relationship with you. I want you to know me and my heart. I want you to seek me, love me, and trust me. I don’t need these things, but I want them—for you. When you know that I love you and are confident I am with you, you don’t have to fear. You don’t have to live in anxiety, wondering if you are doing enough good things to outweigh the bad.

I could provide an endless list of things to do or not to do, but that’s a contract, not a relationship. Instead, I want you to seek me. Listen for my direction. When you do that, you can ignore other distractions. You can disregard other voices and say ‘no’ to further invitations. Listen to me and follow my voice. I love you and have plans for you. Trust me and my way.

Identify a current temptation. Choose a replacement thought or activity when tempted. Share your plan with a friend for accountability.