Lamentations 4

Lamentations 4:1-22


OVERVIEWThe poet describes utter hopelessness amongst the people of Jerusalem.

BIG IDEASin rots and destroys. It leaves people lonely, hopeless, and hungry.

KEY VERSELamentations 4:3 (The poet’s observation)
Even the jackals feed their young, but not my people Israel. They ignore their children’s cries, like ostriches in the desert.

Sin makes you sick. Sin corrupts your mind and body and alters your vision. It stifles your soul and consumes your hope. And it’s not just your sin—your willful acts of disobedience—but it’s the sins in the world. It has an insatiable appetite and will devour people of all ages. It has no heart or compassion. Sin laughs at those who go hungry and mocks the pain of children. It is heartless and rotten.

I will bring justice to this world. Jesus defeated sin at the cross, but I will forever eradicate its presence and effect. That day is coming but is not here yet. But I am here now. My Spirit wants control of your heart, mind, and body. I am leading you towards hope and equipping you to help others. Will you follow me today? Will you be part of my solution for a sin-sick world? Turn away from your desires and pursue me and mine.

Love God and hate sin. Focus on hating your sin more than another’s. When you are frustrated by another person’s sin, let that prompt you to evaluate your own heart and condition. Anything you need to change?