Lamentations 2

Lamentations 2:1-22


OVERVIEWGod allows Babylon to destroy Jerusalem since its people chose to ignore God and his ways.

BIG IDEASin is more destructive than you can imagine.

KEY VERSELamentations 2:11 (The poet’s lament)
I have cried until the tears no longer come; my heart is broken. My spirit is poured out in agony as I see the desperate plight of my people. Little children and tiny babies are fainting and dying in the streets.

Do not be deceived by the facade of sin. It glimmers on the outside but is rotten and destructive within. And do not think you can fool me. Don’t do things in the dark, believing I cannot see. I know your thoughts and your actions. Use that to your advantage. Call on me to guide you and correct any stray thoughts. Let me be your God and guide instead of a good luck charm you pull out in times of need.

I am a God of love, but I will defend my holiness and bring judgment on any who defy me. Do not be like those who have a form of religion. They say and do all the right things at church or around church people, but they live like hell the rest of the week. I am more interested in your surrender than your church attendance. I want your humility and willingness to change more than your financial offering. Keep your money and good intentions, and give me your heart. Let me transform you into the person I know you can be and that you want to become.

Humble yourself before God today. Ask God to help you identify the power and deception of sin. Confess any sin and call on God throughout the day when you face temptation.