Judges 8

Judges 8:1-35


OVERVIEWGideon showed positive and negative leadership traits. He led well in victory, but he chose poorly afterward, leading some—knowingly or unknowingly—into idol worship.

BIG IDEAAlways be on your guard against temptation.

KEY VERSEJudges 8:23 (Gideon to Israel)
But Gideon replied, “I will not rule over you, nor will my son. The Lord will rule over you!”

Beware of the temptations in leadership. In your role, you will face pressures and temptations common to leaders. Healthy leaders resist temptations while unsure leaders succumb to them. If you fall short, failure does not have to define you. Get back up, acknowledge your poor choice, and start again. But be proactive and establish a plan to succeed. Determine to lead well by identifying your vulnerable areas and putting together a plan for victory. The best foundation to lay is staying faithful to me at all times. Remember me when you are doing well, and seek me when you face temptation.

I want to lead you—seek me, and you will find me. Don’t be double-minded. Choose to follow me at all times, not just when it’s convenient or when others are watching. Who you are when no one is looking says the most about your character and your chance for success. Take the time to pause and look for me. Take time to be still and listen.

Identify the temptations you face as a leader at home, work, school, or your community. Perhaps you struggle with pride or the love of power or not displaying a servant’s heart. Ask God to help you avoid or flee those temptations. Ask a friend for support and encouragement.

“Fear creates fear” from Elizabeth: The Golden Age

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