Judges 5

Judges 5

Judges 5:1-31

SUMMARYBe encouraged

OVERVIEWThe “Song of Deborah” is a poetic account of the events from Judges 4.

BIG IDEAEven when others don’t follow your lead, God goes before you.

KEY VERSEJudges 5:3 (Deborah’s song)
Listen, you kings! Pay attention, you mighty rulers! For I will sing to the Lord. I will make music to the Lord, the God of Israel.

Cast vision for all the things I put on your heart. Invite others to join you and support you through prayer and direct participation. I want you to be part of a community where you can live and serve together. But when I ask you to do something, I am all you need. Some will follow, and some will support from a distance, but some will try to stop your progress. Don’t be discouraged or frustrated by that. Listen to and understand their concerns—there may be things to learn. But remember that I am all you need to accomplish what I’ve placed on your heart.

Seek me and follow me. Celebrate and support the team that walks with you. Thank your teammates and be encouraged by them. You have more support than you know. Respect those who disagree with you, but focus on me. Don’t get distracted. I am the one who goes before you. Follow me and accomplish things that can impact eternity.

Seek God’s will, and if he has placed something on your heart to do, be quick to encourage others and invite them to get involved. But don’t be discouraged by minimal participation. Move forward with those who respond.


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