Judges 20

Judges 20:1-48

SUMMARYWider impact

OVERVIEW: When their Israelite brothers sought their repentance, the men of Benjamin refused and went to battle against the rest of Israel.

BIG IDEAUnconfessed sin has more of an impact than we imagine.

KEY VERSEJudges 20:13 (Israel to the tribe of Benjamin)
“Give up those evil men, those troublemakers from Gibeah, so we can execute them and purge Israel of this evil.” But the people of Benjamin would not listen.

When you are tempted to sin and think, “I’m not hurting anyone but myself,” you deceive yourself. You are grossly deceived! Sin does not take place in isolation, and it has enormous consequences. Your sinful decision creates a pathway in your life that invites new temptations to visit. The pain and effect of sin can impact those around you immediately and potentially for generations. Don’t be fooled by thinking you can control the damage. Instead, deal with the sin in your life or your church. When you don’t, you will face the consequences, and innocent people will, as well.

But there is hope. You are not alone and do not have to be defeated. I can breathe life into your heart and mind. I can create opportunities to rebuild broken relationships. I can exchange foolish decisions with new, God-fearing, hope-filled ones. Turn to me and humble yourself. Confess your sin and be ready and willing to do the same to others. Allow me to restore and renew your life.

Deal with any unconfessed sin in your life. Or lovingly approach those who need the encouragement to do the same in their lives. 


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