Judges 19

Judges 19:1-30


OVERVIEWThe moral degradation of Israel had reached an all-time low. The men of Gibeah raped and killed a woman.

BIG IDEAOppose sin and stand for what is right.

KEY VERSEJudges 19:30 (reflecting on the horrible act)
Everyone who saw it said, “Such a horrible crime has not been committed in all the time since Israel left Egypt. Think about it! What are we going to do? Who’s going to speak up?”

I am with you always, but if you continue to ignore me and do whatever you want, I will allow you to reap the consequences. There are natural consequences for sinful actions, and there are spiritual ones as well. Call on me for mercy. Seek me and my will for your life. I will respond. I may not remove the consequences, but I will forgive your sin.

Turn back to me and encourage others to do the same. There is a way that seems right to the world, but it is wrong if it contradicts my will. Regardless of how popular it is or how logical it appears, wrong paths may be attractive, but they end in destruction. I always provide an alternate route if you take the wrong way. Always! Call on me and look for me. I will guide and redirect you. Seek me and find peace, forgiveness, and hope.

Be willing to take a stand for what is right. Is there something God has put on your heart for which you must take action?