Judges 18

Judges 18:1-31

SUMMARYFalse security

OVERVIEWThe Danites were homeless, for they had been driven out of their land. Instead of repenting and submitting to God, they chose to kidnap a priest, kill innocent people, and set up a place of worship that went against God’s plans.

BIG IDEAStop trying to control things. Turn to God and trust him.

KEY VERSEJudges 18:6 (Questionable whether the priest’s words were reliable)
“Go in peace,” the priest replied. “For the Lord is watching over your journey.”

Don’t be satisfied with false security based on temporary prosperity. When you go your way or follow a  plan contrary to mine, you may find short-term success. But it will not give you peace or allow you to enjoy what you’ve obtained. I have much I want to provide for you, but you must be patient and trust my plan for your life. My timing may be different than your own, but it is reliable.

Don’t let your circumstances dictate whether or not you choose to seek me and follow me. It’s easy to think you can live successfully on your own when things appear to be going well. Instead, I want you always to seek me. Seek me when things are going well and when you’re concerned. Seek me because you know I love you and care for you and want the best for you. Seek me and my will and trust my plan.

Are you trusting God in every area of your life or only in those you think you need help? Ask God to guide you and give you a vision for all areas of your life. Relinquish control to anything of anything you have not placed in God’s hands.


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