Judges 16

Judges 16:1-31

SUMMARYDeceived leader

OVERVIEWGod chose Samson to serve him, but Samson decided to serve himself. He lived according to his desires rather than according to God’s word.

BIG IDEAYou will find fulfillment in life by following God.

KEY VERSEJudges 16:1 (Commentary on Samson’s lifestyle)
One day Samson went to the Philistine town of Gaza and spent the night with a prostitute.

I have plan’s for you, but others will also. You will always have plenty of options available but consider the source. My plans come from my love for you and my commitment to you. No one can match my love’s depth or how I can equip you and provide for you. Others will offer things that shine or promise rewards, relationships, and promotions. But check the fine print. There is always a cost—even though they’ll say “it’s no big deal” or remind you that “everybody’s doing it.” Rarely do their promises come through, but when they appear to, they never last.

What I offer is eternal. Follow me today and step onto a path of faith, hope, and love. Those who oppose me will shout that those things are shallow and unable to provide food for your family. They are wrong. Faith, hope, and love will provide life for you and many. But you get to choose. I invite you to follow me and to live a full life.

Look for three opportunities today to put someone before yourself. Silently pray for them as you do.


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