Judges 10

Judges 10:1-18

SUMMARYGod’s compassion

OVERVIEWIsrael abandons the Lord. When Israel is in trouble, God reminds them to call on the gods they’ve chosen.

BIG IDEAGod honors your choice, but choose to follow him instead of the false gods of the world.

KEY VERSEJudges 10:15–16 (God’s compassion)
But the Israelites pleaded with the Lord and said, “We have sinned. Punish us as you see fit, only rescue us today from our enemies.” Then the Israelites put aside their foreign gods and served the Lord. And he was grieved by their misery.

Choose today whom you will follow. You tend to ignore me and follow the gods of the day—whomever or whatever is in demand at the moment. Keep in mind that those gods are powerless, which is why they change with regularity. Simplify your life and follow me, the one true God. Look to me. I may not have the most “likes” or be trending, but I will protect you and provide for you. But I want your allegiance. If you prefer to go another direction, I’ve given you free will. You get to choose. I will honor your choice.

Don’t wait for misery in your life before choosing me. Repent today. Turn from your current direction and turn towards me, instead. My way is not easy, nor is it always pleasant. But it is wise, it is healthy, and it is available if and when you want it. I love you and am ready to lead you when you want to follow me.

Stop and evaluate your current direction. Is it consistent with God’s leading? If so, thank God for his guidance and recommit to follow him, no matter where he leads. If not, take this opportunity to stop and confess to God. Ask for clarity on where you should be going or what you should be doing and go in God’s direction.