Joshua 5

Joshua 5

Joshua 5:1-15


OVERVIEWOnce Israel crossed into the promised land, God stopped providing manna, and Israel began to eat from the fruit of the land. God had proven himself faithful in the past and would continue to do so in the future.

BIG IDEA: Live as a child of God. Live differently.

KEY VERSEJoshua 5:12 (now living off the Promised Land)
No manna appeared on the day they first ate from the crops of the land, and it was never seen again. So from that time on the Israelites ate from the crops of Canaan.

I am a provider and a promise keeper. You can count on me to provide what you need when you need it. You are as my child, and I have set you apart to live for me and to serve others. I want you to engage in and interact with the world, but I do not want you to participate in worldly things. Do you have any sins to confess? Any secrets to reveal? Any struggles in which you need support? Confess them to me and lock arms with trusted friends who will walk with you.

Don’t miss out on all I am doing in the world and all I want to do in and through you. Call on me when you need and discover that I am trustworthy. Give thanks when you receive from me, and remind others I want to provide for them, as well. The way I provided for someone else may be different from how I will provide for you. But I will provide. You can count on that today and always.

Set apart God as your priority in life. Is there anything you need to confess? Do you have an attitude to change or an action to take? Be still before God and ask him to search you. Follow through on any action he leads you to take.


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