Joshua 18

Joshua 18:1-28

SUMMARYDon’t wait

OVERVIEWThe remaining tribes were waiting to take possession of the land God had given them. They needed to be poked and prodded by Joshua.

BIG IDEADon’t wait to enjoy God’s provision.

KEY VERSEJoshua 18:3 (Joshua’s question)
Then Joshua asked them, “How long are you going to wait before taking possession of the remaining land the Lord, the God of your ancestors, has given to you?

Salvation is yours: take it. Forgiveness is yours: receive it. Freedom is yours: live it. I have everything for you—all you could need or want. I won’t force you to receive my gifts and blessings. I lay them gifts before you, but don’t let them sit there. Receive them and be an instrument to help others know I have gifts for them, too.

Your ability to receive enables others to see what grace is and how to receive it. Grace is such a foreign concept in your world—even you struggle with it. But allow me, as your loving heavenly father, to give you what you need. I love to bless you. Receive my gifts and enjoy them. Don’t carry them around all wrapped up or hide them to keep them safe. That’s not why I gave them to you. Open my gifts and put on love, forgiveness, joy, peace, kindness. Say yes to my blessings and share them with others.

Take what God has given you. Don’t wait. Claim what is yours and thank God for it. Use that as an opportunity to share God’s love with someone today.