Joshua 17

Joshua 17:1-18

SUMMARYDo something

OVERVIEWThe descendants of Joseph (Ephraimites and Manassites) complained that their land was not sufficient. Joshua told them to do something about it, but they were intimidated by the opposing armies. Joshua reminded them of their strength.

BIG IDEAJoshua faithfully fulfilled God’s commands.

KEY VERSEJoshua 17:17–18 (Joshua to Joseph’s tribes)
Then Joshua said to the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh, the descendants of Joseph, “Since you are so large and strong, you will be given more than one portion. The forests of the hill country will be yours as well. Clear as much of the land as you wish, and take possession of its farthest corners. And you will drive out the Canaanites from the valleys, too, even though they are strong and have iron chariots.”

When doubt enters your mind, when fear paralyzes you, or when another’s presence intimidates you, shift your focus. Don’t think about the obstacle or the challenge. Think of me and what I’ve called you to do. Know your true identity and calling. If I’m asking you to do something, don’t hesitate. I will empower you and provide all you need to accomplish the task.

Stop focusing on what you can’t do or your previous experiences. And don’t speak of failures. Just because you did not achieve a goal does not mean you failed. What did you learn from the experience? What can you apply the next time? I want you to remember to rely on me. I know it’s easy to get distracted, but that is why it’s essential to focus. Even amid chaos and hectic work environments, listen for my voice. I will be speaking. Listen to me.

The next time you feel intimidated, remember who God is and that he is with you. Picture God walking with you and take a bold step of faith. Act according to your identity in Christ.

“Real you” from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs