Joshua 15

Joshua 15

Joshua 15:1-63


OVERVIEWThe boundaries for Judah’s land are detailed.

BIG IDEATrust God completely—in the big things and the little things.

KEY VERSEJoshua 15:63 (Joshua’s commentary)
But the tribe of Judah could not drive out the Jebusites, who lived in the city of Jerusalem, so the Jebusites live there among the people of Judah to this day.

Just as I fulfilled my promise to bring Israel into the land, I want you to experience my faithfulness. I will never leave you or forsake you, so if those thoughts ever enter your mind, dismiss them. Follow me completely. Follow me because you trust me and because you’ve seen me provide in the past. Follow me because you know I am good and that I have your best interest in mind.

Israel failed to drive their enemies out of the land. They didn’t follow my instructions. They obeyed me when it was convenient. They obeyed when it made sense to them. Faith does not always make sense. Don’t settle by giving in to a few temptations. Don’t become complacent believing you’ve shown enough faith. Give yourself entirely to me and allow me to have authority over your life. Be willing to take the extra step even if the destination is unknown. Faith will be scary, but it can also be fun and adventure-filled—that’s why it’s faith.

Accept what God has provided for your life. Be thankful and be a good steward, but be ready to take your next step of faith when God leads. Express gratitude to God in prayer and acknowledge your willingness to trust him.