Job 6

Job 6:1-30


OVERVIEWJob’s friends have failed him. They have accused him rather than cared for him.

BIG IDEABe kind to friends and loved ones by reaching out to them when they’re in need.

KEY VERSEJob 6:14 (Job to Eliphaz)
One should be kind to a fainting friend, but you accuse me without any fear of the Almighty.

I know there are times you feel like Job, alone and isolated, even when you’re surrounded by those who say they care. People will disappoint and fail you. Sometimes your friends and family will not provide what you need. Don’t resent them for it. Recognize their human condition and that you’re vulnerable to acting the same way. Learn what not to do from them when caring for another. But do reach out to those who are hurting. When you fail to do so, you fail to display my love which I’ve called you to do.

Don’t miss the more significant issue: my love is constant and precisely what you need. I am present, and I am the one who brings hope and healing. Look to me when you’re hurting. Call on my name. You don’t have to ask me to be with you. I will be. Always. Acknowledge my presence and rest in me.

Work hard on being a listener today. Unless asked for an opinion, listen today without offering solutions or answers.