Job 40

Job 40:1-24

SUMMARYBrace yourself!

OVERVIEWRound two of God’s questions begins. Job says the first smart thing in a while: “I am unworthy. I will say no more.”

BIG IDEAStop talking and listen to God.

KEY VERSEJob 40:4 (Job to God)
I am nothing—how could I ever find the answers? I will cover my mouth with my hand.

I love hearing from you. I want you to cry out with needs, questions, or frustrations. I want to hear everything. I want you to sing your praise or shout your doubts. I want our relationship to grow deeper still. However, sometimes, the wise thing for you is to say nothing. Learn the art of silence. Practice being still. Wait on me and listen.

Silence reminds you to lean in and focus. It reinforces that I am your source for life. I am your hope amidst the chaos. When it feels like life is spinning out of control, I still bring order. You cannot know more than I or accomplish what I can. Consider the magnitude of the universe and all that exists beyond and worship me. Humble yourself and be still. Look to me and trust me. Worship me in silence. Lift your hands and know I am with you and will never let you go. Enjoy the peace.

There is a time to speak to God and time to be silent. Take time to stop and be still before God. It can be thirty seconds or five minutes or more. Try to do this several times today. Practice being quiet and listening.