Job 38

Job 38:1-41


OVERVIEWIt’s God’s turn to speak, and he confronts Job by asking him lots of questions, revealing his majesty and humanity’s ignorance.

BIG IDEAGod loves our questions, and he has some for us.

KEY VERSEJob 38:2–3 (God to Job)
Who is this that questions my wisdom with such ignorant words? Brace yourself like a man, because I have some questions for you, and you must answer them.

I know you want answers to your questions. There is nothing wrong with questions, and I encourage them. I want you to have a deep faith, one that allows you to love me with your heart, soul, and mind. Questions are good but don’t allow them to determine what you believe. You will never understand everything, and that is where faith comes in. Your faith must be in me—the correct object. 

If you only trust me as much as you can explain who I am to others, your faith is actually in yourself. That may not be your intention, but that will be the result. I know you want more than that, so let go of your desire to know everything, and trust me. You weren’t there from the beginning—I was. You don’t know the mysteries of the world—I do. You can’t explain the unexplainable—I can. There’s so much beyond this world that you’ve never thought about or experienced. I have, and I created it. Trust me today.

Do you have questions for God? First, fall on your knees and worship him. God alone has the answers and deserves your worship.