Job 37

Job 37:1-24


OVERVIEWElihu continues to speak on God’s power and justice. He reminds us that God’s power is beyond our understanding.

BIG IDEAConsider God’s greatness, power, and wisdom.

KEY VERSEJob 37:14 (Elihu to Job)
Pay attention to this, Job. Stop and consider the wonderful miracles of God!

Stop and consider my power. I do things beyond anyone’s understanding. Don’t spend time trying to figure me out. Use that time to praise me. I am worthy of praise, and I love hearing yours. I am the one who makes snowfall and rain to water the earth. I can provide just enough or in such quantities that it forces your community to stop working. Don’t you want to know a God like me? Don’t you want to meet the source of real power and influence? Seek me!

Stop and consider my wonders. I created beauty. I created a sense of awe. I am the one who controls the weather and the one who makes lightning flash and the thunder roar. I am the one who made the sun so powerful you cannot look at it. It is true; I am mighty and beyond your reach, and no one compares to me. I do not ignore you or mistreat you. You are my child, and I love you. Follow me today.

Revere God. Hold him in high esteem, for God alone is worthy of your praise and attention. Take time today to think of what he does in your life and the world and praise him.


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