Job 31

Job 31:1-40

SUMMARYSpiritual inventory

OVERVIEWJob concludes his defense by naming specific sins and declaring his innocence.

BIG IDEAHide nothing from God. He is not out to get you, but he does want to help you. 

KEY VERSEJob 31:4 (Job to friends)
Doesn’t he [God] see everything I do and every step I take?

I do see all your ways and count your steps. I have numbered all the hairs on your head. I know everything about you, and I love you. Do not fear that my love will change if you sin or continue sinning. I am your heavenly father, and my love for you is secure. But it is good and wise to invite me to search your heart, to see if there is any wickedness in you. That kind of attitude will keep you humble and keep us close. I never leave you, but you are prone to wander. Keep inviting me to search your heart, and stay close to me.

Don’t listen to the lies of the enemy. He will accuse you and try to beat you down with condemnation. You do not have to listen to him. He lies! Rebuke him and remember what is true: you are forgiven, you are loved, and you are mine. Rest in me and follow me. Enjoy today in peace.

Look in the mirror. Are there any sins for which you need forgiveness? Ask God to search your heart, confess any wrongdoing, and then thank God for forgiving you.