Job 24

Job 24:1-25


OVERVIEWJob points out that life is unfair as the wicked prosper and the innocent suffer.

BIG IDEAGod does whatever he pleases, but he is reliable.

KEY VERSEJob 24:23 (Job acknowledges that the wicked will be judged)
They may be allowed to live in security, but God is always watching them.

Your faith will be forever tested and always growing. Regardless of what you want to be true or how you want me to run my universe, I will often do things differently than you think I should. That’s where your faith comes in. It’s easy to believe and to trust me when I do things the way you expect. But will you trust me when I don’t? Will you have confidence that I will always do the right thing, even when you do not understand what I am doing?

I also see how the wicked appear to be thriving. Nothing is hidden from me. You do not have to inform me because I already know. But I am always working out my plan. I use all things and circumstances. Sin may be suitable for a season, but there is still an expiration date followed by judgment. Trust me and have confidence that I do all things for good.

Reflect on Psalm 115:3. While it may seem unfair that God can do whatever pleases him, thank God that he is good and that in the end, all will be judged accordingly.