Job 21

Job 21:1-34


OVERVIEWJob challenges his friend’s logic. He questions their claim that the wicked always suffer, pointing out that many prosper.

BIG IDEADon’t try to comfort with empty clichés.

KEY VERSEJob 21:22 (Job to friends)
But who can teach a lesson to God, since he judges even the most powerful?

You have a choice: trust me and my word, or believe in only what you can see and explain. Your vision and knowledge are limited, but my word and character are reliable. Choose wisely and follow me. Some ask me to leave them alone, for they have no desire to know me or my ways. I will honor their request, but I will always be available if they change their mind. My heart’s desire is for all to know me, for all to surrender their lives to me.

Don’t be distracted or discouraged when you see the wicked prosper. You may think it’s not fair, and it’s not. The wicked are not getting away with anything. I am aware of all and will bring judgment in the right time. But don’t pray against the wicked or talk about them. Pray for them. They need me, too. Show my love to them, even if they hurt you. Show them the power of love and a faith-filled life.

Take time today and pray with thanks, regardless of what’s going on in your life. If you’re encouraged, thank God for how he has provided. If you are frustrated, discouraged, or confused, thank God that he is with you and providing for you in ways you may not understand.