Job 20

Job 20:1-29

SUMMARYTroubled thoughts

OVERVIEWZophar reminds us the wicked enjoy life for a season and then face judgment.

BIG IDEASeek eternal joy, not temporary satisfaction.

KEY VERSEJob 20:12–14 (Zophar to Job)
They enjoyed the sweet taste of wickedness, letting it melt under their tongue. They savored it, holding it long in their mouths. But suddenly the food in their bellies turns sour, a poisonous venom in their stomach.

Invest your time, energy, money, and thoughts on things that have eternal value. It will build you and others up rather than harm or destroy. I recognize that the wicked seem to get away with everything and have lots of fun. They do have fun, but it is temporary, and they don’t get away with anything. They may enjoy sin for a season, but they will be held accountable. The joy of those who live by their own rules is temporary. Don’t get sucked into their lifestyle. It is a trap.

Evil appears attractive and can taste sweet, but no one has the stomach for it. Those who consume evil will vomit. No one can escape my discipline. No one can save themselves by accumulating treasures. I will bring judgment at the appropriate time, except on those who call on my name. I am always available to anyone who seeks me. Stay humble and follow me. I will give you life now and forever.

Turn away from anything you know is harmful to you. Replace that action or thought with one that is healthy. Pray for wisdom and ask a friend for support.