Job 18

Job 18:1-21

SUMMARYWicked punished

OVERVIEWIn Bildad’s second speech, he reminds Job that the wicked get what they deserve.

BIG IDEAIn Jesus, you will find everything for which you are searching.

KEY VERSEJob 18:16–17 (Bildad to Job)
Their [the wicked man’s] roots will dry up, and their branches will wither. All memory of their existence will fade from the earth, No one will remember their names.

I will punish the wicked. No one escapes judgment. Everyone is accountable. The righteous, however, will not experience eternal death. Those who have put their trust in Jesus are free. Jesus has paid the penalty for sin through his death. As a result, they will pass from this life to a better experience. Jesus’ followers will still face death and pain on earth—but not of an eternal nature.

Not so for the wicked. Not only is their future bleak, but their time on earth will not be what it could be. The evil man or woman will wander, looking for comfort or peace. But the path they take will always return them to where they began. The wicked will not find what they’re looking for, and they will fall into the traps they’ve set for others. Help them know Jesus always offers an open door where they will find peace and rest. Remind them I love them, and I desperately want them to surrender to me and my love.

Pause and reflect on the fact that Jesus offers eternity without punishment. Thank God for this blessing and gift.