Job 17

Job 17:1-16

SUMMARYSeeking death

OVERVIEWJob’s spirit is broken, and he feels as if he is ready to die.

BIG IDEAGod is our everlasting hope, today and always,

KEY VERSEJob 17:13–15 (Job to friends)
What if I go to the grave and make my bed in darkness? What if I call the grave my father, and the maggot my mother or my sister? Where then is my hope? Can anyone find it?

You will be unjustly mocked and ridiculed. Those who criticize you will surround you, and others will talk behind your back. You may even be considered a joke by those whose aim is to harm you. It will be unfair, but it will not be done in isolation. I will be with you, and I will hear and see all. I will even protect you from much more that others will want to say.

Why would I allow this? I have a plan I am working in your life and in the lives of everyone who participates. You can trust me in this situation and every other you will encounter. Do not give up. Do not forget where your hope and salvation remain. Look to me. Regardless of what is happening in your life, I will be with you, and I will provide. Don’t waste time worrying. Invest it in worship.

Cling to the hope you have in Jesus. He is your comforter and provider in every situation. Listen to a song or review a verse that reminds you and encourages you of God’s love.