Job 15

Job 15:1-35

SUMMARYBorn sinners

OVERVIEWEliphaz rebukes Job and reminds him that the wicked suffer.

BIG IDEAHumans are not 100% reliable, but God is.

KEY VERSEJob 15:15–16 (Eliphaz to Job)
Look, God does not even trust the angels. Even the heavens are not absolutely pure in his sight. How much less pure is a corrupt and sinful person with a thirst for wickedness!

Be careful how you speak to others. Your judgment may be correct, but it may not be. Do not assume you know everything about a person or his or her situation. If you want to be helpful, bring your requests to me. Think through the ways you are concerned for others and pray for them. Spend time with those who are hurting. Be present and listen. If you believe they are speaking foolishly, tell them why gently and humbly. Acknowledge you don’t know everything, but you know that I do. Pray together, seeking my will.

Too many people walk around proudly, pretending to see all and know all. They claim their age or experience warrants their actions. Do not trust those who claim to know it all. They don’t. Treat them respectfully, but don’t follow them. Put more faith in an inexperienced and young person that is filled and controlled by my Spirit. Seek me and follow me.

Be kind and respectful towards those with whom you disagree. If or when you are frustrated, take time to pause and pray before speaking if anything needs to be said.