Job 13

Job 13:1-28


OVERVIEWJob challenges his friends to stop talking!

BIG IDEASpeak honestly with God, but then take time and listen for God’s response.

KEY VERSEJob 13:4 (Job to friends)
As for you, you smear me with lies. As physicians, you are worthless quacks.

If you feel others are mistreating you, stand up for yourself. Speak boldly to friends who don’t have all the information. Be respectful but be bold. However, don’t defend yourself before me. As the creator, I will serve as your final judge, but not now. At this point in your life, I want you to receive from me. Take the same energy and passion you want to put into a fight and channel it as a student. Listen. Read. Reflect. Receive from me all that I want to give you.

And then share what you’ve learned with others. Help others navigate tricky waters. They too will be angry and confused by all they see and hear. They need to know I am with them and for them. Help them to express what they feel—I can take it. Then remind them of my love and presence. Regardless of what anyone experiences, I am a good father who loves, protects, and provides.

If you feel others are mistreating you, stand up for yourself. If that’s true for you, take time to pray for wisdom and strength and then address the issue with the person immediately. If not, be willing to advocate for someone else who may need help.