Job 11

Job 11:1-20

SUMMARYYou’re lucky

OVERVIEWZophar tells Job things could be worse.

BIG IDEAGod loves people and wants us to love them, too.

KEY VERSEJob 11:7 (Zophar to Job)
Can you solve the mysteries of God? Can you discover everything about the Almighty?

I am with you every moment of your life. And the same is true with everyone you see. You have not looked in the eye of a single person I do not love. So choose your words wisely. Help other people see and experience me. I am not delegating my role to you, but I want you to show and tell my love to others. Join me in loving others, but the way you do that is important.

Don’t assume a person’s pain or grief is always the result of their actions. You live in a broken world, so you and others reap unfortunate consequences. Because of that, be quick to listen and slow to speak. And when you do say something, don’t add to their burden. A person doesn’t have to “do more” to get me to love them. I already love them. If their actions need to change, let the Holy Spirit do his work. Your job is to be present, be a friend, and to pray with and for others.

Don’t tell people in pain to “suck it up.” Be there for them and remind them they are loved. Who is someone you can pray for and encourage with a visit, call, or text right now?