Job 10

Job 10:1-22


OVERVIEWJob wonders why he was born.

BIG IDEAGod will never leave us or forsake us, regardless of how we feel.

KEY VERSEJob 10:1 (Job to God)
I am disgusted with my life. Let me complain freely. My bitter soul must complain.

My heart aches for you when you are down. I am aware of how you feel and want you to not only know my love but to experience it, too. You may feel guilty, but once you give your life to me, I wash and cleanse you. You will have to navigate the consequences of sin, but you won’t do that alone. I will walk with you or carry you when needed.

I did mold you, and I continue to shape you. One difficulty you may have is letting go of the way you imagined your life would be. A life with me will far surpass any you could have imagined apart from me. I won’t turn away from you, even if you ask. So don’t waste your time or effort wanting something I won’t provide. Receive my love. Receive my forgiveness. Receive me, and let me lead you through your dark place. I am with you, and it will get better.

Be honest with God today. Share whatever is on your heart. But then re-read the “If God Wrote You A Letter” section. Let it remind you that no matter what you say to God or how you feel, his love for you and commitment to you will never change.