Jeremiah 49

Jeremiah 49:1-39

SUMMARYTime’s up

OVERVIEWMore prophecies of the forthcoming defeat of several of Judah’s neighbors, yet God promises some future restoration.

BIG IDEA: No one can outsmart or outlive God, so turn to him for hope and salvation.

KEY VERSEJeremiah 49:16 (God to the Edomites)
You have been deceived by the fear you inspire in others and by your own pride. You live in a rock fortress and control the mountain heights. But even if you make your nest among the peaks with the eagles, I will bring you crashing down,” says the Lord.

I know your thoughts and your plans. I created you and have given you gifts and abilities to accomplish great things. But when you use them to hurt or deceive others, you will be found out. Nothing is hidden from me. Don’t think you can find a loophole or a creative way to prosper that catches me off guard. I know all and will judge you for the evil you have done or are thinking of doing. But it does not have to be that way. There is an alternative.

Instead of investing time and energy to find creative ways to get ahead, turn to me and allow me to lift you. When you humble yourself before me, you will enable me to honor you. When you do not choose the humble path, I will bring you down. My heart’s desire is for you to live life abundantly—to its fullest. Stop living on your own and turn to me. Don’t waste any time. Turn to me today, and let me lead you.

Are there things in your life you want to change, yet you continue to put them off? Don’t wait! God invites you to follow him. Do it now. Make a commitment and call a friend and ask for accountability.