Jeremiah 48

Jeremiah 48:1-47


OVERVIEW: God will humble and defeat the proud Moabites.

BIG IDEAUnless you trust in the Lord, you will be disappointed.

KEY VERSESJeremiah 48:29–30 (God to Jeremiah)
“We have all heard of the pride of Moab, for his pride is very great. We know of his lofty pride, his arrogance, and his haughty heart. I know about his insolence,” says the Lord, “but his boasts are empty— as empty as his deeds.”

Look around and rejoice at all I have provided. Look around and celebrate what you have at your disposal. You live in an age of great wisdom, one that continues to produce technological and medical wonders. Even decades ago, few could have imagined all the accomplishments in the world today. But do not be deceived. Technology and science are not your saviors. Gadgets may save you time or extend your life, but they will never save your soul. They will never fill the void that only I can satisfy. I am the one who gives life and takes it away. I am all you need.

My heart aches for you to trust me. Don’t be deceived by things that shine and shimmer. Enjoy them, but don’t put your faith in them. They cannot offer what only I can provide. I have seen too many people turn from me for the latest and greatest and return defeated and humbled. I love you and want to protect you. I want to provide for you. Seek me for all your answers. I am all you need.

Pay attention to how much time you spend in your relationship with God compared to other ways you use your time. Are you satisfied, or do you want to modify your schedule in some ways? What changes or tweaks are needed?