Jeremiah 44

Jeremiah 44:1-30


OVERVIEWThe people rebel against God and claim they will remain in Egypt and continue to worship idols. God warns them not to be so foolish and reminds them of the consequences they can expect.

BIG IDEAGod gives us freedom, but there are consequences for our disobedience.

KEY VERSEJeremiah 44:28 (God to the Jewish remnant)
Only a small number will escape death and return to Judah from Egypt. Then all those who came to Egypt will find out whose words are true—mine or theirs!

I have given you the freedom to live the life you want to live. Because I love you, I will speak to you—guiding you to the left or the right—so that you can follow me and live a life of purpose and impact. I will offer you blessing and give you the chance to invest in eternity, helping others know me and follow me. When you walk with me, you will find peace, joy, and much satisfaction. It will not necessarily be easy, but it will be fulfilling.

But you do not have to follow me, nor do you need to heed my instruction. You are free to go your own way and explore other paths. But there will be consequences. You may go a certain way, thinking you will find more than I offer, but you will be deceived and dissatisfied. I call out to you to protect you and to provide you with life. Even if you have gone your way, you can turn back today. Come to me and be renewed.

Ask God if you are on the path he wants you to walk. Ask trusted friends for their honest assessment, too. If you are, thank God for his guidance and pray you would remain faithful. If you are not, ask for forgiveness and take the next step God wants you to take.