Jeremiah 43

Jeremiah 43:1-13

SUMMARYDeath march

OVERVIEWThe army’s leaders call Jeremiah a liar and decide to lead the people to Egypt against the instruction of the Lord.

BIG IDEAWhen you disobey God, you cannot run from your problems.

KEY VERSEJeremiah 43:4–5 (Judah disobeys and marches to Egypt)
So Johanan and the other military leaders and all the people refused to obey the Lord’s command to stay in Judah. Johanan and the other leaders took with them all the people who had returned from the nearby countries to which they had fled.

Sometimes you will be the one caught up in the crowd, following the masses because so many others are doing so. Seek me during those times. Don’t get so caught up in the moment that you tune me out. The group that surrounds you may be headed in the wrong direction. Turn to me for wisdom and guidance. Step out of the crowd and find a quiet place and seek me. If you listen, you will hear me.

Other times, I may want you to lead people in a new direction: one towards me. You may be mocked or ridiculed for that, but don’t let it prevent you from sharing or doing all I have prepared for you. I am the one voice that matters. It will sting when you are ignored or shut down by those you know and care for, but I will strengthen you and empower you to stand tall.

Begin your day by asking God for wisdom. Continue to do so throughout the day. Take time to stop and listen. Evaluate the times you took to call on God and listen. Did you notice a difference in how you thought or acted? Was the number of times you paused to listen the right amount, or would you like to increase the frequency tomorrow?