Jeremiah 42

Jeremiah 42:1-22

SUMMARY: Don’t ignore

OVERVIEWThe army officers ask Jeremiah to pray for them, and they commit to doing whatever God reveals to Jeremiah. However, they had already made up their mind to do what they wanted to do.

BIG IDEASeek God, wait for his answer, and then obey.

KEY VERSEJeremiah 42:11 (God to Jewish remnant)
Do not fear the king of Babylon anymore,” says the Lord. “For I am with you and will save you and rescue you from his power.”

Do you genuinely want to hear from me? Are you honestly ready to listen and obey? Or have you already made up your mind and simply using prayer as an insurance policy? I love when you are ambitious. I enjoy your passion and energy for ideas and causes. I even love your fiery spirit. There are times you will do whatever it takes to accomplish what is on your heart or mind. I want you to use that fire and passion to follow me.

I know what is on your heart. I’ve given you a heart that beats for certain things. I’ve given you the drive to get things done. But learn to wait. Wait on me. Listen. Listen for my leading. Be still. Be still and allow me to bring clarity, focus, and power. I am not preventing you from taking action. When I ask you to wait, I am preparing you for victory. Let me lead you. Will you trust me? Will you go where I want when I want? Follow me.

Identify something heavy on your heart and pray about it. Then wait. Be open to a quick response but be willing to pause until you get clarity from God. Practice sitting still and listening for 2-3 minutes. Set a timer, if necessary. (Keep in mind, Jeremiah waited ten days—verse 7—to hear from God.)