Jeremiah 21

Jeremiah 21:1-14


OVERVIEWJeremiah delivers three messages: all communicate that King Zedekiah and the people of Judah cannot win, for they are fighting against the Lord.

BIG IDEAIt is pointless to fight against God.

KEY VERSEJeremiah 21:8 (God to Jeremiah)
Tell all the people, “This is what the Lord says: Take your choice of life or death!”

I set before you each day the way to life and hope and faith and purpose and joy and peace. If you follow me and walk on the path I lay before you, you will find fulfillment. Do not expect it to be an easy road. Many times it will not be. But it will always be the right road. Your struggles will produce character, and your hard work will produce fruit. Take my road and live.

Of course, you have other roads to choose from, different paths of life. Most will entice you with all the trappings of life. Some will promise success or popularity or peace or comfort. Other roads will promise the same things I offer but with less effort. However, all of those roads lead to the same place: disappointment, pain, and bitterness. Don’t believe the enemy’s lies. Trust me and follow me, instead. I will give you the strength to overcome and the courage to endure. I will provide you with everything you need.

Is there anything God is compelling you to say or do that you have resisted? Trust God today by stepping out in faith and following him. Ask friends for their prayerful support.