Jeremiah 11

Jeremiah 11:1-23

SUMMARYDeath threat

OVERVIEW: God tells Jeremiah to review the terms of the covenant between him and Israel and his promise to bless or discipline Israel based on their level of obedience or disobedience. Also, God warns Jeremiah that his enemies are plotting to take his life.

BIG IDEADon’t be surprised when others attack you because of your obedience to God.

KEY VERSEJeremiah 11:7-8 (God to Israel)
For I solemnly warned your ancestors when I brought them out of Egypt, “Obey me!” I have repeated this warning over and over to this day, but your ancestors did not listen or even pay attention. Instead, they stubbornly followed their own evil desires. And because they refused to obey, I brought upon them all the curses described in this covenant.

I want you to walk with me and follow me, regardless of what others say or how they treat you. I am calling you and all my followers to be obedient. I will bless you when you obey, but I will discipline you when you don’t. Your disobedience does not change my love for you, but you reap what you sow. So, choose to obey—you win in so many ways. Some may mock or ridicule you, but that will pale in comparison to my blessing and the peace I give you each day.

Don’t be like those who chase after false gods. Some have so many gods their belief systems conflict. Still, they pursue a different god each day, hoping one will provide for them. Of course, I deliver all they need. But that requires they submit to me and my ways. I know their stubborn hearts make following me difficult. Don’t follow their example. Instead, obey me and submit to me, and that will keep your heart moldable and soft.

Be bold and courageous. Some may challenge your faith, but God is with you. Is there a step of faith God is prompting you to take? Do it today.