Isaiah 63

Isaiah 63:1-19


OVERVIEWThe day of judgment is coming when a warrior from Edom returns to defeat Israel’s enemies and protects his people. It is a picture of God’s provision and foreshadows Jesus returning to establish his kingdom.

BIG IDEA: God will display his power through forgiveness and judgment.

KEY VERSEIsaiah 63:7 (Isaiah to Israel)
I will tell of the Lord’s unfailing love. I will praise the Lord for all he has done. I will rejoice in his great goodness to Israel, which he has granted according to his mercy and love.

A day of judgment is coming. Jesus first came to earth as a servant, but he will return as a conquering King. Encourage others to turn to me today. Tell them to stop waiting and invite them to follow me and be saved from my discipline. Pray that they humble themselves so I can extend my love and show my compassion. I want to shelter them from the coming storm.

Cast all your concerns on me, and stop trying to solve your problems. Stop brainstorming ways to overcome your challenging situation. Turn to me and experience my kindness and care. When overwhelmed with the world’s chaos or exhausted by the weight of poor decisions, look to me. Let me lift you and carry you. Jesus experienced all the trials of the world, so he knows what you are going through. Surrender to me, and let me refresh you and protect you.

You are not alone. God knows your pain and can sympathize with you. Talk to God about everything. Don’t hold anything back.