Isaiah 31

Isaiah 31:1-9

SUMMARYCorrect alignment

OVERVIEWJudah chooses to align with Egypt—mere mortals—instead of almighty God.

BIG IDEAAlign yourself with God and ignore other options.

KEY VERSEIsaiah 31:1 (Isaiah to Israelites)
What sorrow awaits those who look to Egypt for help, trusting their horses, chariots, and charioteers and depending on the strength of human armies instead of looking to the Lord, the Holy One of Israel.

I know you have many options to bring relief from pain, comfort from sorrow, or strength when you are tired. I know many vie for your attention to provide you security, or recognition, or hope. I am even aware of the promises from those who suggest anger, intolerance, or indifference. I have another idea: turn to me instead. Bring your concerns, fears, or unhealthy habits to me. I am the one who can give you everything you need.

Stop shopping for the best deals. I am one-stop shopping. Bring it all to me. I already know what you’re going through and what your heart craves. Turn to me. Sometimes I will reshape your cravings, for I know what you need, not just what you want. Trust me to give you the best and stop resisting or fighting my efforts. You may find quicker relief elsewhere, but it will not be healthy. Follow me, and let me give you the life you’ve always wanted.

Is there a friend you need to be honest with? Is there a habit you need to turn from? Is there a discipline you need to begin developing? Ask God for wisdom and strength and follow his leadership.