Isaiah 23

Isaiah 23:1-18


OVERVIEWIsaiah gives a message about the fall and eventual restoration of the Phoenician city of Tyre, a principal seaport on the central east coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

BIG IDEADon’t be shocked when lucrative economies cease to exist.

KEY VERSEIsaiah 23:11 (Prophecy against Phoenician cities)
The Lord held out his hand over the sea and shook the kingdoms of the earth. He has spoken out against Phoenicia, ordering that her fortresses be destroyed.

I allow money-making ventures to exist, and I also shut them down when necessary. You—or your financial heroes—do not control the economy. You do not determine what sells or how profitable a stock becomes. Do not forget your history. Numerous times people have worshipped the financial system because they were confident no one could defeat it. They fed it, nurtured it, and praised it, convinced they were part of an income stream that would never run dry. Yet, in minutes, lives were forever altered and sometimes lost. Their worship turned to worry. Their pledges became powerless.

Seek me for your daily bread. Trust me for your future. I want you to be wise of the world’s ways but recognize that I am your ultimate source of security. So invest shrewdly, but keep your utmost trust in me. Stocks go up and down, “sure-thing” investments come and go, but I do not change, and I am forever.

Recognize God as your ultimate authority and source for your daily needs today and in the future. Spend more time interacting with him throughout the day than relying on financial reports or relationships. Take time to pray for wisdom and thank God for what you have received.