Isaiah 19

Isaiah 19:1-25

SUMMARYWrong way

OVERVIEWIsaiah highlights the foolishness and decline of Egypt and concludes with the reversal of Egypt’s fortunes when they begin to worship the Lord.

BIG IDEASalvation is available to all, even those far from God.

KEY VERSEIsaiah 19:12 (God to Isaiah)
Where are your wise counselors, Pharaoh? Let them tell you what God plans, what the Lord of Heaven’s Armies is going to do to Egypt.

Each new year, the experts make all kinds of predictions, prompting people to hurry and scurry to buy, sell, invest, or save. Industries unveil their dynamic leaders, making promises and guarantees they know they can’t keep. There’s nothing wrong with doing your research and learning from specialists, but don’t base your life on them. Don’t get emotionally worked up with excitement or fear based on human prognosis. Regardless of how accurate some projections may be, none are 100% accurate.

Seek me. Turn to me. Call out to me. Invite me to speak into your life or to address your fear or anxiety. I will give you wisdom and direction, but you will receive so much more. I give you myself. I promise never to leave or forsake you. No matter what happens to you or around you, I will be there. That is one prediction and promise I can guarantee every day of the year.

Identify one decision you’d like to make this week or next. Spend time with God, asking for wisdom. Then be silent and wait on him. Wait and listen for a day or more and write down any promptings or nudges you receive from God. Pay attention to any Bible verses in your reading that stand out. Ask some trusted friends for their opinions. Any overlap from what you feel God is saying with what your friends are saying?