Isaiah 14

Isaiah 14:1-32

SUMMARYExtreme arrogance

OVERVIEWGod expressed his judgment against Babylon and his love for Israel. Some believe that verses 12-15 are a poetic description of the fall of Satan (based on Luke 10:18).

BIG IDEAGod’s plan is never thwarted, and human arrogance is short-lived.

KEY VERSEIsaiah 14:14 (King of Babylon)
I will climb to the highest heavens and be like the Most High.

I have compassion for those who humble themselves before me. When you seek me and trust my plan, you will be victorious. When you defer to me, you are like soft, moldable clay that I can shape and form. Don’t be so proud to think you are a free spirit and don’t want anyone—even me—to shape you. The truth is, everyone is being shaped. Either the world’s system of arrogance and independence is forming you, or I am molding you into the image of Christ. My path leads to hope and life. The world’s system leads to judgment and death.

No one achieves any goal or honor outside of my will. You may say in your heart—or boast to the world—that you are the greatest and that you will attain great heights. But my plan and purpose never fail. If you want a life of meaning filled with love and peace, humble yourself before me. Find true meaning by following me.

Take a moment to reflect and be honest with yourself. Do you strive for the attention of others? Although seemingly ridiculous, would you like others to adore you so much some would call it worship? Recognize that pursuit is unhealthy and sinful. Submit to God and humble yourself before him.