Isaiah 10

Isaiah 10:1-34

SUMMARYGod’s toolbox

OVERVIEW: God prepares to bring judgment upon arrogant Assyria. Assyria was a tool in the hand of God as he disciplined Israel and Judah. Still, there is hope for the Lord’s people as a remnant will survive.

BIG IDEAGod is in control. We are fools to think we can manipulate or control God.

KEY VERSEIsaiah 10:15 (Isaiah to Assyria)
But can the ax boast greater power than the person who uses it? Is the saw greater than the person who saws? Can a rod strike unless a hand moves it? Can a wooden cane walk by itself?

I invite you to be a moldable tool in my hand. Let me guide and direct you to positively impact the lives of those around you and all over the world. Don’t resist me. You have that option, but you will miss out. So instead, be faithful, available, and teachable. Those who oppose me do so out of pride, thinking they can supply what they need better than I can.

I give you life and purpose and power to fulfill all that is in your heart. Stay surrendered to me and live with hope, for I can turn back your enemies. I can direct or redirect your paths. I can even redeem your sinful words, attitudes, and actions. But it requires you to yield to me. Lay down your pride and raise the white flag. Doing so is not a sign of defeat but victory, for you could never have peace without me. Follow me and celebrate the life I give to you.

Give yourself a grade on how faithful, available, and teachable you are. Then, ask God to search your heart and show you areas where you may need to grow, and ask friends to critique you, too.