Hosea 7

Hosea 7. burned

Hosea 7:1-16


OVERVIEW: Hosea uses a baking image to describe Israel’s willingness to partner with foreign nations instead of obeying the Lord. Israel is like an unturned cake in the oven. It burns and is no longer useful, yet Israel is unaware.

BIG IDEAArrogance kills. Humility heals.

KEY VERSEHosea 7:10 (Hosea to Israel)
Their arrogance testifies against them, yet they don’t return to the Lord their God or even try to find him.

Don’t become so consumed with yourself that you don’t think you need me. Don’t go through the motions of faith while your heart grows cold towards me. Yet, even if you do, I will pursue you and invite you to have a fresh start with a renewed heart. But be careful: if you don’t respond to me, you may become so proud that you no longer seek me.

Don’t be deceived into thinking it doesn’t matter what you do or who you’re with. You are continually being molded and shaped into the world’s image, and unless you intentionally turn from the world and to me, you will begin to look and sound like every other person. Pay attention to the condition of your heart, mind, and soul. If a baker doesn’t bother to check on the bread in the oven, it will burn and be useless. Don’t let that describe your life. I have great plans for you, and your potential is significant, but be mindful of how you live, what you think about, and with whom you spend time.

Pay attention to what’s going on in your life. Listen to God and others. Do not be blind to the truth. Ask 2-3 trusted friends, “What do I need to know that people are afraid to tell me?”


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