Hosea 14

Hosea 14. Return

Hosea 14:1-9


OVERVIEWHosea concludes with a final call for Israel to be wise and return to God.

BIG IDEAThe wise return to God and enjoy his blessings.

KEY VERSEHosea 14:9 (Hosea to Israel)
Let those who are wise understand these things. Let those with discernment listen carefully. The paths of the Lord are true and right, and righteous people live by walking in them. But in those paths sinners stumble and fall.

My arms are always open to you and those you love. If you try to run from me, you will see me when you peek over your shoulder. If you shout my name, hoping I will hear you, I will be closer than a whisper. If you climb the highest mountain and look out to the horizon, straining to find me, look down. You will be in the palm of my hand. If you ask for my forgiveness, I will receive you graciously. Always—today and forever.

I am a healer. When you go astray and limp back to me, I will restore you. When you worship false idols and recognize that as foolishness, I will embrace you as if nothing happened. Protect yourself from your wandering eye or boastful tongue or mischievous spirit. Choose to walk with me. Surrender to me. Return to me. Let me help you be the person I’ve called you to be. I make you whole and complete. Walk with me today.

Be wise, and remember that God is your provider. Put aside anything that distracts you from God. Ask God and trusted friends for help to focus on God’s provision for you.