Hosea 13

Hosea 13. Ungrateful

Hosea 13:1-16


OVERVIEWGod could have saved Israel from Assyria, as he had provided for them in the wilderness. But they became proud and self-reliant, so God allowed them to reap what they had sown.

BIG IDEANever forget all God has done in your life, and don’t ignore all God is doing.

KEY VERSEHosea 13:6 (God to Hosea)
But when you had eaten and were satisfied, you became proud and forgot me.

I promised I would never leave you or forsake you. I am trustworthy and always by your side. More than that, I carry you whenever needed. When you turn your back to me, I do not depart. I call your name, inviting you to return. The problem is you can become comfortable. You cry out in a crisis and make me all kinds of promises and guarantees. But once the storm subsides, you are right back on the path that previously led you astray.

I don’t want or need your promises, and I’m not asking you to do anything extra. I gave you life on earth for free, and your new life in Christ didn’t cost you anything, either. Eternity is before you, and I’ve reserved a place in my kingdom for you. But I want your faithfulness. I want you to pursue me and enjoy our relationship. I will not hold you back, but I will always be available to you. Walk with me and be blessed, or walk away from me and reap what you sow.

Thank God for his provision and continue to put your trust in him. Don’t trust God only when you have a problem.


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