Genesis 8

Genesis 8

Genesis 8:1-22

SUMMARY: God remembered

OVERVIEWNoah was on the ark for over a year, but he waited for God’s instructions.

BIG IDEAGod is faithful, even when life gets crazy.

KEY VERSE: Genesis 8:1 (God never forgets)
But God remembered Noah and all the wild animals and the livestock that were with him in the ark, and he sent a wind over the earth, and the waters receded.

Do you sometimes wonder if I’ve forgotten you? Do you sometimes wonder if I care? Here’s something you’ve heard before, but I will say again and again: I will never forget you. Never. I know what’s going on in your life. There are times I celebrate, and there are times I mourn. But I know all.

Even if you think I’ve forgotten, I am with you. If you feel lost, I am beside you. I always provide care and comfort, even during the chaos. If you think life is messy now, it would be madness without me. I know you want a resolution immediately. I know what you want answers now. Continue to wait and trust. Rest in me. Look up. I am there. Look around. I am there. Life may be swirling around you, but it’s not outside of my control. I am with you today and forever.

Find signs of God’s activity in a challenge you or a friend is facing. Write them down and remind yourself—or your friend. Approach your friend prayerfully and humbly. He or she may not be ready to hear, but ask if you can share.