Genesis 7

Genesis 7

Genesis 7:1-24

SUMMARY: Noah obeyed

OVERVIEW: The flood begins, and God preserves Noah and his family. Noah trusted God—he acted in faith before the flood came.

BIG IDEAFaith is scary, but God is reliable.

KEY VERSE: Genesis 7:5 (Noah’s obedience)
So Noah did everything as the Lord commanded him.

I will speak to you, but you must listen, regardless of where you are. Seek me in the quiet. Seek me amidst noise and chaos. Seek me when you’re confident or when you’re fearful. Seek me when you arise and when you end your day. Pay attention to the ways I nudge and prompt you to action. Some things I say will stretch and challenge you, but this is the life of faith. Faith is an adventure. Follow me on a faith-filled journey of seeing lives changed for eternity.

Your path will not always be smooth. Don’t expect peace or calm, either. You can expect me, however, to be with you. I will be present in all circumstances, regardless of the time or setting. Invite others along on the journey. Share what I am doing in your life and encourage them that I will be working in their lives as well.

Don’t wait for the right time to obey God. Has God put something on your heart that you are to do or believe? Write it out and share it with someone you trust. Ask that person to pray and then act in faith today.


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