Genesis 6

Genesis 6

Genesis 6:1-22

SUMMARY: Favor found

OVERVIEWThe wickedness on earth increases and God prepares a judgment. Yet, he extends grace through Noah and instructs him to build an ark.

BIG IDEA: God shows grace amid destruction.

KEY VERSE: Genesis 6:8 (God’s blessing)
But Noah found favor with the Lord.

I know this world is full of sin and temptation, but I want you always to know that I am with you. Just as Noah walked faithfully with me and was blameless amongst those around him, I am calling you to follow in the same way. Blameless is not the same as sinless. I am not asking you to live a perfect life, but I am asking for your heart. I want you to want me. I want you to have a heart and hunger for me and my way.

Your sin and the sin in the world grieves my heart, but that does not prevent me from loving you. Don’t be distracted by sin or temptation. Keep your eyes on me, every step you take. Walk with me and let me lead you. I want to take you places you did not think possible. You have my love and commitment. Receive it and help others know it’s for them, too.

Do you know someone who struggles with sin from their past? Or are they overwhelmed by the evil in the world? Pray for them and remind them of God’s love. Share Noah’s story and the way God provided hope despite the chaos.


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