Genesis 49

Genesis 49

Genesis 49:1-33

SUMMARY: Jacob’s prophecy

OVERVIEW: Jacob shares what his sons can expect in the future based on their character and decision-making thus far in their lives.

BIG IDEALove and follow God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

KEY VERSE: Genesis 49:28 (Jacob’s prophecy)
These are the twelve tribes of Israel, and this is what their father said as he told his sons good-bye. He blessed each one with an appropriate message.

Live the life I created you to live. Follow me unashamedly and worship me wholeheartedly. Sing, laugh, and play with a heart full of hope and love. Invest in relationships with sincerity and devotion, and use your gifts to serve those I bring to you. Learn my teachings, internalize them, and live them out. Be a lighthouse in dark places. Help people know they have a heavenly father who loves and cares for them.

You are my child, and I have blessed you. Embrace that blessing and express it in what you say, how you think, and by your actions. Live in freedom, not fear. Don’t listen to lies—dismiss and reject them. Instead, listen for my voice and walk boldly—yet humbly—where I lead. Walk with the confidence that I love you and am with you. When you do these things, you are truly living, and you will leave a godly legacy.

Reflect on the direction of your life. Ask God two questions: Is there anything you want to stop, and is there anything you want me to put more energy into? Follow through on God’s leading and share with a friend for accountability.


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