Genesis 47

Genesis 47

Genesis 47:1-31

SUMMARY: For sale

OVERVIEWThe famine intensifies, forcing the Egyptians to sell their livestock, land, and—ultimately—themselves.

BIG IDEAGod provides for his children in good times and bad.

KEY VERSE: Genesis 47:20 (The famine intensifies)
So Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for Pharaoh. All the Egyptians sold him their fields because the famine was so severe, and soon all the land belonged to Pharaoh.

Don’t worry about tomorrow. Take a look at what you have today and be thankful. I have blessed you, whether your possessions are abundant or scarce. And I’ve provided so much more than material items. I’ve surrounded you with blessings. Have you noticed them? Look for them, identify them, and celebrate them. Recognize your real wealth and rest in my faithful provision. I’ve provided for you thus far, and I will not stop. Share that good news with others. It will breathe hope and life into many.

Don’t hoard what I’ve given. It all belongs to me, so be a good steward. Be generous towards others. Look for opportunities to bless and to share. Do so with a loving and grateful heart, showing gratitude for what you’ve received. Pray for wisdom in leveraging my blessings so they can be multiplied many times over and serve and enrich many.

Every day of life is a gift from God. Regardless of your current condition, thank God for all you have. Share your thankfulness and your property with others.