Genesis 44

Genesis 44

Genesis 44:1-34

SUMMARY: Judah’s boldness

OVERVIEW: Joseph tests his brothers again to see how they would respond. Judah stands up for his family and boldly requests that Joseph punish him instead of Benjamin.

BIG IDEABe bold.

KEY VERSE: Genesis 44:33 (Judah to Joseph)
So please, my lord, let me stay here as a slave instead of the boy, and let the boy return with his brothers.

Some perceive a life of faith to be bold and courageous. But I want your faith to be natural. I want to predict that you will follow me where I lead. I want you to live every moment with a sense of expectancy that I can ask you to do or say anything at any time. Some call that a bold faith, but I call it a healthy, trusting relationship. I want that for us.

You receive power when you step out in faith—my power. Each step reveals your love and trust in me. You don’t live in a world that encourages faith and conviction, but your experience in this world and its impact will be transforming. Your steps will change lives. Don’t feel defeated when you don’t follow me. But don’t make that a habit, either. You win when you follow me, so don’t miss out. You’ll never walk alone, so go forth today with eyes and ears open for how I will lead.

Who do you need to stand up for? Yourself? Someone else? Pray boldly, listen attentively, and then act fearlessly.


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